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Your Auctioneer Next Door!

Your Auctioneer Next Door!

When people say, Trust the timing of your life, believe them. Timing is everything and timing is what Keith Pierce, CEO of Pierce Auction Service and Real Estate, Inc., embraced when he discovered that he was good at conducting auctions.

Buying and selling general merchandise is what started off Keith's fondness of the beauty and excitement of an auction. Once at an auction, Keith recalled that the auctioneer did not show up and he had to conduct the auction himself. Some of the sellers, Keith said to PAF, complimented my novice auctioneering skills saying I was better than our regular auctioneer.

Since then, Keith has conducted his own auctions. He conducts almost 50 successful auctions per month, both on site and online. Keith auctions off real estate, machine shop, restaurant equipment, furniture store liquidation, and auto auction to name a few. To date, Keith's highest earning auction stand at $300,000.

The success of his auctions has inspired and encouraged Keith to help write the North Carolina Auctioneers Licensing Laws. He has also conducted auction sales in 90 different counties and 284 cities and towns in North Carolina.

However, the secret to longevity is not merely finding the right merchandise or auctioneer to conduct auctions. It's respect! By being an honest and dependable auctioneer, Keith believes that treating people respectfully and with full honesty creates a culture that many of them want to come back to all the time. It creates trust in the community.

Whether you're new in the auction world or on a pro-hunting for the next best find, check out Pierce Auction Service and Real Estate, Inc. They know you deserve the best that's why they guarantee you fair and honest auctions.

To find out more about Keith Pierce and Pierce Auction Service and Real Estate, Inc., visit, Auction Zip, and others including Auction Flex platform.

Your Auctioneer Next Door!
To learn more about Your Auctioneer Next Door!, visit:
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  • Owner: Pierce Auction Service and Real Estate, Inc.
  • Address: 274 Brookwood Drive, Lexington, North Carolina 27127-9121
  • Phone: 336.813-3333
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