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DeYoung Auctions

DeYoung Auctions

Passion and commitment oftentimes turn part-time hobbies into successful business endeavors. For James DeYoung, his pastime of buying and collecting antiques is now an operational business. James, or Jim to his loyal customers, has found a career that has allowed him to work on something he cares about, while being able to spend quality time with his family.

Established in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, Jim first opened DeYoung Auctions' doors in 1999. DeYoung Auctions conducts online and mobile app bidding once a week. They auction off antiques and collectibles such as, toys, art, military, advertising, and clocks, just to name a few.

With his growing experience, Jim has developed a keen understanding or what sells or does not sell. He takes pride in helping buyers and sellers by offering his professional skills. With 18 years of experience, Jim has developed a reputable business and a great rapport with his customers who come from all walks of life.

DeYoung Auctions has developed strong friendships and repeat customers because excellent customer service is their number one priority. They provide affordable in-house shipping so non-locals can easily and confidently bid on antiques and collectibles they discover on DeYoung Auctions.

Their online and mobile app bidding have helped Jim gain a global following. They have made company history by shipping antiques and collectibles globally.

DeYoung Auctions
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