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Tim’s Auction Service

Tim’s Auction Service

Roughly 90 miles from Detroit, Millington is a community filled with activities for all ages. From boat tours, novelty shops, museums, wineries, to parks, and hiking trails, you name it, the city has them for you. For auction aficionados visiting Millington or living in nearby neighborhoods, Tim’s Auction Service is a must-visit spot. You’ll find all sorts of auctions you’ll want to add to your growing collection.

Tim Freese, CEO of Tim’s Auction Service, together with his team also provides quality assistance to ensure that their clients’ interests and needs are met. We interviewed Mr. Freese to talk about hi

PAF: What got you into the auction business?

TF: I love going to auctions! My wife and I attend auctions at least once a week. One day, after leaving an auction, my wife said, “You could be an auctioneer yourself!” So, I said, “Let’s give it a whirl.” The first 5 years, I only did it during winter; we held weekly consignment auctions. Summertime, I would go out west working in oil fields. For the past five years now, I can proudly say that we are full-time auctioneers.

PAF: In regards to your auctions, how many of them do you conduct? Are they live or online?

TF: We conduct both live and online auctions. On average, we have less than 50 private auctions a month.

PAF: What kind of auctions have you conducted, and which categories?

TF: We’re a diverse shop. We auction off several different items that range from antiques, personal property, toys, machinery, farms, estates, and other consignment and liquidation items.

PAF: Tell us about your other auctions where you have achieved positive results.

TF: One positive result we did as a team was when we helped a client auction off the remaining items in their house. We cleared out the entire house, while also ensuring that our client will receive a fair amount of profit.

PAF: Describe your style. How you interact with the audience?

TF: It may sound cliché but we inject our conversations with clients with a few witty jokes. In this way, they’ll feel comfortable and relaxed. We do our best to treat our clients like family and get to know all our new and regular bidders and sellers.

PAF: Why should customers or auction enthusiasts attend your auctions? We know it’s difficult to, but what guarantees can you offer your customers?

TF: We strive to make the entire estate sale process as smooth and stress-free as possible. From a quaint bungalow to a sprawling mansion, our experienced auction company can liquidate any size estate or business. Our knowledgeable staff will guide all sellers through the appraisal, valuation, and auctioning off their collectibles and antiques and all other assets.

PAF: Aside from your business’ own website, what other platforms or sites do you use?

TF: Clients and sellers can also find us,,,, and

Tim’s Auction Service
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