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Storage Auction Solutions

Storage Auction Solutions

To age like fine wine is a gift born out of patience, dedication, and hard work. Storage Auction Solutions has done just that! Since its inception in 1977 as The Ronald V. Maynard Company, they have established an unmatched reputation that has set them apart from other New England auctioneers.
With a change in leadership comes new opportunities for growth. In 2005, Paul Maglio stepped in to become the company’s new president which sparked a company rebranding and subsequent expansion. Today Storage Auction Solutions have been hard at work providing clients with real estate and property auction services and moving and self-storage auction lien field.
To date, Storage Auction Solutions’ highest grossing live auction stands at $250,000.00; A feat Maglio and the rest of his team are very proud of. As one of the leading auctioneers in New England, they have conducted fundraisers, business liquidation, estate, storage, and heavy equipment and machinery auctions.
Public Auction Finder sat Paul Maglio to talk about how he started with Storage Auction Solutions and the company’s current success.
PAF: When and how did you start at Storage Auction Solutions?
PM: I was transitioning professions when I received my auction license back in 2002. I worked in the automotive industry when I started helping an auctioneer that held bidding on Storage Auction. In 2005, I became president of Storage Auction Solutions and instantly increased the monthly auctions from 35 to 200 per month.
PAF: What has delivered this success for Storage Auction? How do you interact with the audience?
PM: First off, I am a people person. My commanding voice engages and gets the audience’s attention. It helps them keep focused on the auction. Another thing, which I believe is the most important one is that I know how to read body language. It’s not an easy thing to do. Reading someone’s body language takes a lot of time, patience, and years of interacting with a wide range of people. But once I got a hold of this skill, it’s been a great tool when it comes to hosting auctions.
PAF: Tell us why your customers attend your auctions? What guarantees can you offer?
We run a clean operation. All our auctions are set up in a way our customers are able to do 4-8 auctions per day. Customers can follow us around to see what treasures they may find at Storage Auction. The fun part about our company is that we run our auctions live and online.
PAF: Aside from Storage Auction’s website, how can your customers, old and new, you’re your auctions?
PM: Our customers can find us and our auctions on Facebook and Craigslist.
Storage Auction Solutions
To learn more about Storage Auction Solutions, visit:
  • Website: Array
  • Owner: Mr. Paul L. Maglio
  • Address: 16 Oakwood Knoll Road, Middleton, Massachusetts 01938
  • Phone: +1 (978) 857-1734
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