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Mountain Country Auctions

Mountain Country Auctions

Forsyth, Missouri is a city that’s home to idyllic landscapes replete with outdoor activities and a charming historic downtown complete with shops and restaurants. Whether you’re discovering the city on a trolley or ziplining down Wolfe Mountain, Forsyth has everything you need even the best live auctions you’ll ever experience.

Mountain Country Auctions is a Forsyth staple. Residents and tourists will surely have a blast as they listen, get entertained, and bid on their favorite item. Rick Findley, CEO of Mountain Country Auctions, sat with Public Auction Finder to talk about success and following his passion.

PAF: What got you into the auction business?

RF: For several years, I was working with an established weekly auction in the city. I realized as time went on that I actually really like being a part of the auctioning world. I decided to start my own auctioning business. It was hard at first. As cliché as it may sound, however, if you're doing what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Soon afterward, business felt easier.

PAF: In regards to your auctions, how many of them do you conduct? Are they live or online?

RF: We conduct live auctions on a regular basis, but no more than 50 in a month.

PAF: What kind of auctions have you conducted, and which categories?

RF: We have handled everything from fundraisers to complete estates. Basically, we work on estate sales, farm sales, moving sales, closeout sales, and even monthly consignments.

PAF: Tell us about your other auctions where you have achieved positive results.

RF: At Mountain Country Auctions, we work to make sure everyone has the opportunity to bid and buy. We do, however, move auctions quite quickly to ensure positive results.

PAF: Describe your style. How you interact with the audience?

RF: As I’ve said previously, we move very quickly. But we try to keep our auctions as vibrant as possible. We engage our audience every chance we get to ensure that they are having a good time. On the other hand, buyers need to also be prepared and ready to bid when they come to Mountain Country Auctions.

PAF: Why should customers or auction enthusiasts attend your auctions? We know it’s difficult to, but what guarantees can you offer your customers?

RF: We understand that people come to auctions to get good merchandise at a reasonable price. We work hard for both sellers and buyers. To the fullest of our capabilities, we disclose everything we know about the items we auction off.

PAF: Aside from your business’ own website, what other platforms or sites do you use?

RF: Other than our own, we also use and

Mountain Country Auctions
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