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Lloyds of Lakeland

Lloyds of Lakeland

Treasure hunting is a fun activity. We loved it as a child, and love it even more as adults. Living in the modern world filled with digital innovations such as our beloved mobile devices and smart watches, many people are feeling nostalgic about the past. There is a growing trend of people searching, hunting, and discovering treasures of the not-so-distant past like vinyl records, classic toys, and vintage furniture.

Since opening in 1997, Steve DeBats’ Lloyds of Lakeland serves as the hunting ground for people seeking the next best vintage discovery they could find in Historic Downtown Lakeland. With 15,000 square feet of space, customers will surely be able to find antiques and vintage items to add to their collection at home.

Public Auction Finder had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Steve to learn more about Lloyds of Lakeland.

PAF: What kind of auctions does Lloyds of Lakeland handle?

SD: For the most part, we handle estate, antiques, and collectibles. We also work on Fundraising auctions for non-profits.

PAF: Regarding your online auctions, how many images per auction do you upload?

SD: I want clients to have a very detailed visual online representation of an auction. This way they can confidently bid on items they see on our website or other platforms.

PAF: Can you share some positive moments that have happened at Lloyds of Lakeland?

SD: Honestly, most of our on-site auctions are really great. There’s not one particular moment that I can say is the most positive, because we make it a point that every moment is the most positive experience for our clients.

PAF: Can you describe your style and how you interact with your audience?

SD: My staff and I always ensure that our audience and clients stay engaged. We ensure this by keeping a casual environment. Cracking jokes here and there without losing focus of our main goal: selling our auction. We keep them happy by giving great deals on all the good stuff.

PAF: Why should clients attend your auctions? What guarantees can you offer?

SD: We provide a fun, exciting experience while offering good prices! Dealers can also make good money buying at our auctions.

PAF: Do you use other websites to share your auctions?

SD: Aside from our company website, interested clients can find us on,, and on Facebook.

Lloyds of Lakeland
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