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King Auction Services

King Auction Services

The City of Dunn is home to hard-working, resourceful, and creative people. Dunn is recognized as an All-America City because of its agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism industries. The city provides gorgeous hiking trails and perfect stages to celebrate arts and culture. Amidst all the cool, fun activities happening in Dunn is King Auction Services, one of the city’s leading online auction company.

Inspired by his father, Eddie White decided to start his own auction company. “It was kind of a long realization for me.” Says Eddie. “My dad would attend auctions all my life. At first, I would only help him load up after every auction. Then I started helping with the auction. After becoming an apprentice, I got my own North Carolina auctioneer license.”

PAF: What kind of auctions does King Auction Services handle?

EW: King Auction handles several types of auctions. We have done estate sales, business close out, and tag sales, both on-site and online.

PAF: Regarding your online auctions, how many images per auction do you upload?

EW: I want my clients to be satisfied with what they see and bid on. So, in terms of images, I make sure I take as many detailed photos as I can. This gives bidders a better idea of the quality and condition of an item they are bidding on.

PAF: What’s one of your proudest moments at King Auction?

EW: That would be the time we were able to auction off an item for $30,000!

PAF: Can you share some positive moments that have happened at King Auction?

EW: I enjoy helping our community, as I am also an ordained minister. Participating in non-profit or church auctions give a sense of pride in doing something that I love. Also, non-profit of church auctions are less formal and more personal which creates a better sense of community.

PAF: Can you describe your style and how you interact with your audience?

EW: I always, always to have a very upbeat, lively vibe, try to help people enjoy their auctioning experience whether they bid or not.

PAF: Why should the clients attend your auctions? What guarantees can you offer?

EW: We offer a pleasant atmosphere, knowledgeable staff. We do our best to make sure our customers are always happy because without them I wouldn't have an auction.

PAF: Do you use other websites to share your auctions?

EW: Yes, definitely! Interested bidder can find us on Estate Sales, Auction Zip, and Go To Auction.

King Auction Services
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