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Haggerty Benefit Auction Services

Haggerty Benefit Auction Services

When you find your calling, welcome it with arms wide open. Patrick Haggerty has certainly made an impact as a benefit auctioneer. By lending his voice to countless charities and benefits, Patrick has raised funds for several foundations and non-profit organizations. Patrick is well-known for his ability to engage guests and galas or benefits.
As a testimony to his poignant stage presence, Larry Fisher of the Huntington’s Disease Society of America has said that Patrick’s “humor, energy, stamina, and enthusiasm generated so much more giving.” Patrick’s positive energy creates a genuine connection between himself and the audience which makes them engage more in the auction.
To learn more about the Haggerty Benefit Auction Services, Public Auction Finder sat with the man himself, Patrick Haggerty, to talk about his humble beginning and dedication to his craft.
PAF: Let’s go straight to business, Patrick! Tell us how you found yourself conducting benefit auctions.
PH: While I was in one of my speaking engagements, a client of mine who was running an auction for his son’s school approached me and said, "Pat, your platform skills are great. Come call my auction!" I did. I was able to raise more money in my first auction than the professional who called the auction the year before. And as they say, the rest is history.
PAF: Interesting! Speaking of raising money, what’s the highest grossing live auction have you conducted? If you don’t me us asking…
PH: Sure. As you know I only host benefit auctions for schools, museums, and hospitals. It gives me great pride to know that I am helping foundations and institutions in my own little way. To date, the highest grossing auction I’ve called is $135,000. It’s also helpful not using the “auction chant” as most folks at benefit auctions are there to support a cause.
PAF: Amazing! How are you able to achieve such positive results?
PH: I am also a motivational speaker. I use public speaking skills, sprinkled with my sense of humor, to "connect" with gala auction guests. Different charities or galas have different audiences, so I try to get to know the audience as much as I can to engage with them on a more personal level.
PAF: Describe your style, and how you interact with the audience.
PH: As I’ve mentioned earlier, I don't use the “auction chant.” It's difficult for guests at black-tie benefit auctions to understand the chant. I mainly use my upbeat personality and my humor to keep the auction guests engaged.
Patrick only calls benefit auctions hosted by schools, hospitals, and museums. If you’re looking to add more pizzazz and vitality to your own benefit auctions, Patrick Haggerty is the auctioneer who will help achieve your goals.
Haggerty Benefit Auction Services
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