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The-Most-Important-Things-to-Know-before-Bidding-at-Horse-Auctionson Public Auction Finder
By: Jeremy Reed
Consumer Editor
July 25, 2017
Have you been searching for hours for a new horse on the Internet or made trips all over the country looking for yo...
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Everything-You-Should-Know-before-Buying-Furniture-at-an-Auctionon Public Auction Finder
By: Laurence Smith
Contributor and editor
July 11, 2017
Finding unique furniture at bargain prices is not an easy task, but participating in furniture auctions will make i...
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Tips-on-Buying-a-Gun-at-Auctionon Public Auction Finder
By: Olga Mann
Staff Editor
July 05, 2017
Auctions have a wide variety of items up for bid. Among the most popular items are an assortment of single items, l...
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5-Tips-for-Buying-a-Car-with-a-Salvage-Titleon Public Auction Finder
By: George Mindest
Content Contributor
June 23, 2017
Are you considering buying a salvage car? A salvaged car can actually be great value for your money. However, it ma...
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Tips-on-How-to-Buy-Rare-Books-the-Right-Wayon Public Auction Finder
By: Laurence Smith
Contributor and editor
June 07, 2017
Collecting rare books is more than just a hobby or a passion, it is an art form. The process is filled with nuances...
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Time-to-Bid?-Tips-for-Buying-Watches-at-Auctionon Public Auction Finder
By: Anny Field
Contributing editor
May 31, 2017
It is an exciting time to be a watch lover. The world is talking about timepieces more than ever. The result isn...
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The-Benefits-of-Online-Self-Storage-Auctionson Public Auction Finder
By: Olga Mann
Staff Editor
May 04, 2017
Considering the fact that online storage auctions have grown in popularity in recent years, it's hardly surpris...
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How-to-Buy-Wine-at-Auctionon Public Auction Finder
By: Kate Ford
Associate Editor
April 28, 2017
Reading headlines about $100,000 bottle of wine selling on the block can easily make you feel as though a wine auct...
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