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Christmas-Eve-Trees-Auction on Public Auction Finder
By: Jeremy Reed
Consumer Editor
December 05, 2019

Christmas Eve Trees Auction

Every year during the holiday season, houses after houses across the nation are decorated joyfully. Many families gather around their Christmas trees to share laughter and exchange presents. Christmas is a very special day for many people around the world, and we want this festive holiday to bring love and prosperity to our homes this holiday season.

The largest Christmas tree auction in the world was held in Buffalo Valley last November 21st and 22nd. The auction started at 8 am. The whole area of Buffalo Valley was home to more than 40,000 Christmas trees and decorations like wreaths, hanging ornaments, mistletoes, tree skirts, candy canes, and winter berries.

The event brought hundreds of buyers from all over the country. They prepared lots of trucks for the transportation of big purchases, like Christmas trees bought in bulk.

The auction exhibited several types of trees to satisfy the different preferences of buyers. From Fraser, Douglas, Canaan, Concolor, Balsam, and Grand Fir to Nordmann, Turkish, Blue Spruce, White Pine, and Scotch Pine, you name it, they have it. Most of Frasers were grown in North Carolina while the other trees were grown in Pennsylvania.

Wholesalers from along the East Coast placed their bids on trees with the goal of having them in the hands of retailers by Black Friday.

The annual auction of wreaths, roping, and other decorative items began on Thursday, 9 am.

Many of visitors planned to attend both auctions, and for those who stayed there was provided a lot of available local lodging.

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