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Charity on Public Auction Finder
By: George Mindest
Content Contributor
July 27, 2018


Now that you’re a Public Auction Finder member, you’ll notice our special Charity category that’s meant to help many people in need.


Whether you think of charity as a form of philanthropy, donating, alms giving, of altruism, it’s essence is all the same - sharing. Charitable acts also include giving people a hand in times of need, feeding the homeless is one of the more popular acts of kindness. Here at PAF, we believe charity is the highest form of love.


The spirit of giving and helping is deep inside our hearts, and PAF is bringing our Charity category to the forefront to usher in kindness and happiness in the online auction world.


Most of our charitable opportunities is about making peoples’ difficult situations. This is a great way to teach and show the future generation that love, compassion, and kindness still exist in the modern world. Every generous action or donation that helps the homeless, ill, or the needy gives us the disposition to show kindness and compassion. This is a good example of what really love and care means. We cannot do this alone, and that's why we are collaborating with local communities, charitable organizations, and volunteers.


Also, there are institutions and organizations who help raise funds and awareness to different causes. These institutions work and collaborate with big companiesthat donate money. Fundraising institutions and organizations have seen growth over the last few years and now accounts for a significant share of all donations to charities.


We as an online auction community must do our part, in every way we can, to better the world we live in. Giving needy people a hand or feeding the homeless doesn’t cost much. We have the power to make peoples’ lives more bearable, and we’ll feel giving is a much better feeling than always receiving.

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