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Rare-Porsche-911-to-be-auctioned-in-USAon Public Auction Finder
By: James Parker
Associate Contributor
June 10, 2021
On the American online site Bring a Trailer, a very rare sports car Porsche 911 from the X83 special series has bee...
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Legacy-Records-Will-Pay-Musicians-And-Performers-In-Cryptocurrencyon Public Auction Finder
By: Laurence Smith
Contributor and editor
May 12, 2021
Legacy Records will use NFT tokens to raise royalties for performers and musicians, as well as company investors. ...
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A-glamorous-police-Ford-Explorer-to-be-auctioned-in-the-USon Public Auction Finder
By: Anny Field
Contributing editor
April 20, 2021
Mecum, an American auction house, is putting a pink Ford Police Interceptor with a powerful ram — estimated t...
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Jay-Z-Charity-Auctionon Public Auction Finder
By: George Mindest
Content Contributor
March 23, 2021
At Sotheby’s, a bottle of Jay-Z’s D’ussé premium cognac was auctioned and sold for $52,500...
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Soviet-relics-from-the-Cold-War-went-under-the-hammer-at-auction-in-the-United-Stateson Public Auction Finder
By: Jeremy Reed
Consumer Editor
February 23, 2021
The New York KGB Espionage Museum’s collection was sold completely at an American auction earlier this month....
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Should-you-buy-whole-cars-at-American-auctions?on Public Auction Finder
By: Laurence Smith
Contributor and editor
January 26, 2021
You think a used car looks like it’s in excellent condition and doesn’t need repair. Your initial react...
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iPhone-13:-what-to-expect?on Public Auction Finder
By: Kate Ford
Associate Editor
December 23, 2020
iPhone 13 expected to have smaller notches and more camera sensors. The smartphone will use D-ToF (Direct ToF) t...
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KGB-spy-items:-lots-at-auctionson Public Auction Finder
By: Jeremy Reed
Consumer Editor
December 01, 2020
The New York City KGB Espionage Museum collection will be auctioned off in February 2021. The auction will t...
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