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Golden Eyes Auctions

Golden Eyes Auctions

Many years ago, Michael Horton discovered the joys of collecting rare and vintage baseball, football, and basketball cards. The love for sports and collecting vintage cards sparked Michael's interest of opening Golden Eyes Auctions. Michael's collection grew bigger and bigger as he established connections with other enthusiasts who helped him find rare collector's edition cards.

As years passed, Michael started collecting old coins. The rapid growth of Michael's collection allowed him to start collecting more vintage sports cards, antiques, or Michael is now doing what he loves most, buying and selling vintage advertising signs, sports cards, antiques, and US silver coins.

Nowadays, Michael and the entire Golden Eyes team are busy handling online and offline auctions. To interact with his audience, Michael goes on a mission of finding that very rare sports card or other memorabilia. Seeing the amazement in his customers' eyes, it gives Michael the ultimate satisfaction displaying his collection. With his passion as his guiding principle, Michael is ecstatic that Golden Eyes is gaining popularity in the US and receiving a growing fame around the world.

Whether you're from Great Falls or just visiting, Golden Eyes is the place to be! They provide a one of a kind experience while selling or auctioning off rare and unique coins or sports cards.

Learn more about Golden Eyes Auctions by visiting their website,, or checking out their social media accounts, Facebook, Google +, or Twitter.

Golden Eyes Auctions
To learn more about Golden Eyes Auctions, visit:
  • Website:
  • Owner: Michael Horton
  • Address: 18 Circle Street, Great Falls, South Carolina 2905
  • Phone: 803-374-7988
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