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Place-the-Winning-Bid! on Public Auction Finder
By: Laurence Smith
Contributor and editor
June 14, 2018

Place the Winning Bid!

If you're passionate about finding and collecting rare items, then Public Auction Finder is the best way to discover what you are searching for. Public Auction Finder is making online auctions accessible to everyone. All you have to do is register as a PAF member, and you can start bidding on your favorite items. You'll enjoy our community of enthusiastic members! You'll certainly feel that friendly competitive spirit when it comes to bidding, no matter what the price may be.


We want to ensure you are protected. That is why we always make sure items that are auctioned off are authentic and in great condition. We also want to help establish your reputation, if you are a new member or auctioneer to PAF. Pricing your auctions accurately and truthfully will help establish you as a trusted auctioneer.


If you're a bidder, understand that bidding at auctions is like a sport. You will face fierce competitors and there will be winners and losers. Make sure you have a gameplan before placing your bid. Here are a few tips to help you succeed at online auctions.


Set your Spending Limits before Bidding!

To make sure that you are not losing money on an item, set a spending limit before the auction starts, and stick to it. Win or lose, some bidders lose a lot of money trying to show off that they can afford an item.


Do Not Rush!

Take your time. During online auctions, pay close attention, be patient, and watch how other bidders are bidding. You can bid low until the last minute. Don't bid the maximum price as soon as the bidding starts. Get to know the auction at stake and pay close attention to the other bidders.


Don’t Get into a Bidding War

It's all about the competition! You'll feel the tension and the intensity as an auction goes on. You'll feel the competition, but don't get too sucked into it. Stick to your gameplan. Stick to your budget. People who oftentimes get too excited tend to overpay for a single item.


Pay Attention to the Item that You Want

Make sure that you pay enough attention to the auction. Auctioneers tend to move auctions really fast because they have a lot of items to showcase. In a blink of an eye, the auctioneer can declare an auction over and you could miss your opportunity.


Don’t Bid if You’re Not Sure

Be confident about the item you want to bid on. An item you're not 100% about is never a good win. Ask yourself first if this item is really for you!

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